Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There”s no one quiete like you

“Where ever you are, be happy”

“That’s a prayer from my heart”

“you’ve found your lover”

“I have lost a friend”

“There is no much to say, but today, there’s little time left”

“the memories will make me cry after you’re gone”

“meeting, the parting, it’s all up to God”

“making it, is breaking up is a matter of luck”

“we are all puppets, and me better believe it”

“there ones who have loved have never taken defeat, have faith , ayu”

“everyone has spoken his heart , no one knows what’s in my heart”

“no one knows what’s in my heart”

“no one knows that you are for me”

“those list moments of happiness, how will I never be able to forget”

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